The 5 best things to do while stuck at Edmonton airport this holiday season

The EIA estimates it will see 20 per cent more traffic than usual, with more than 24,000 people flying and more than 50,000 dropping them off or greeting them every day.

So, in case you wind up stranded at the airport (or have been very good, arrived early and find yourself with extra time), here are the top five things to do there to pass the time:

5. De-stress with a therapy dog

The EIA teamed up with the Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta, which has over 60 trained therapy animals, for a trial project at the airport. Nearly every day over the holidays, for at least two hours, there is a volunteer pet and handler wandering the airport making new friends and calming nerves.

4. Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is also alive and well at EIA. However, none of the Pokestops and Gyms are located in secure locations


“With the latest update to the game, there are now a bunch of wild Pokemon at EIA,” reads a description on the airport website. “Catch ’em all while you’re here, but be mindful you’re still in an airport.”

3. Keep the kids entertained

The airport has two children’s play areas to help your kiddos burn off steam.

2. Eat, drink and be merry

The EIA has 60 shops and restaurants, so you certainly won’t lack for snacks and beverages. The latest editions? The Great One’s own Gretzky’s Wine and Whisky and a new watering hole for football fans.

1. Soak up some arts and culture

There is no shortage of entertainment at the EIA. You could listen to one of the featured local artists performing in various locations around the airport or take in a choral delight.

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